Choosing the best drawing tablet for your needs.

The best drawing tablet for me may not be the best for you; my favorite may not be your favorite. There are lots of parameters to consider depending on your individual needs. So, how will you identify the drawing tablet that perfectly suits your need as an artist, illustrator, editor or even an amateur who just learned that drawing tablet does exist? Well, the forthcoming article is largely intended to help you identify one worth your investment.


When it come to drawing tablets for beginners, small is better. They are cheaper, portable, and in most cases will work just like the big ones. However, due to their small surface, it may a little difficult to move the cursor, therefore, making fine selections difficult. Large drawing tablets are a perfect fit for the professionals’ artists with large format jobs, for instance, those using it for CAD. Large screen gives vibrant life on your drawings and definitely makes them look sharper.

Pressure sensitivity

Always consider the pressure and tilt sensitivity of a drawing tablet before you engage in a purchase. The best tablet should have high-pressure sensitivity paired with sufficient sensitive pen especially if you perform both hard and light strokes. For the amateur who performs light drawings, pressure sensitivity may not necessarily make any difference whether high or low but you may want one with good tilt sensitivity. However, keep in mind that this feature will depend on the software support.

Color and Driver support

High color support is imperative when drawing. Low color support makes your drawing lose its true look, so always pick the tablet with high color support. The driver on the tablet should also be able to support the version you are using. Many artists prefer using full versions of programs like Photoshop, or illustrator. Keep in mind that to use Photoshop you will need large RAM, 8 GB at least or a 4 GB with a graphic card. Also, check whether the drawing tablets you intent to buy is compatible with the OS of your PC. If it is, then chances are it won’t work well with your PC.

To be honest, choosing the best tablet is not that hard, but you with a careful comparison of different brands available, you will for certain land on the one that fit your needs.