Sprayscape from Google turns your phone into a wild VR photo collage maker


Sprayscape is Google’s latest virtual reality app for Android. It’s also an odd mix of photo creation and art as the app is designed to create wild-looking image collages that can be viewed in a full 360-degree perspective.

Sprayscape itself is Google’s own contribution to its Android Experiments program, which puts the spotlight on apps that are designed to break out of the norm with some creative and innovative features. In this case, Sprayscape uses your Android phone to smash up and even “spray” photos that you take inside a virtual sphere that can be shared later with others.

Google says that the app uses the company’s Cardboard SDK to access a phone’s gyroscope data. When Sprayscape is opened, you simply move the camera around and touch the screen to take a picture of what’s in front of you, and it’s placed inside the sphere. Pressing your finger on the phone’s display while you move your camera around “sprays” an image in the sphere, like paint from a spray gun.